Letter for Mr. Pierre Garron

Dear Mr. Pierre Garron,

     We, the people of Republika Srpska, do have Christian way of life as the rest of the Europe and with such values we desire to join integration into European community.  Serbian people desire to bring into European community from our own perspective, respect for all with ingredients which will benefit man kind. We do not want to be  any part of any integration which would create a melting pot whereby we would as a nation simply disappear. Present status fully warrants our concerns. To prevent this occurrence, it is necessary first to integrate our own, Serbian people, and than join the community.

     People of Republika Srpska desire to egress from present union, which is forcefully created, against everyone's will.

Here are some reasons for definite desire to leave union of BH.

  • Totally opposite interpretation of resent war - friction.
  • With no respect for law, and with no legal ground  Federation side has entered into lawsuit with neighbor Serbia, whereby they are in fact suing ourselves. All is done at their own initiative without any regard for our objections. It is simply job creation for themselves.
  • State symbols do not represent our way of life, our culture, our history, they simply, mean absolutely nothing to people of Republika Srpska.  They are forced upon everyone living in Republika Srpska.
  • Centralizing government means all laws all taxes, all economic power will simply be in the hands of majority, which will do at will. Certainly not for benefit of Republika Srpska, since present and past had shown this track record.
  • Central power, will at will, as a majority, support Al Kaida basses as it has done in the past as well as present. Terrorism is not our way of life and newer has been. Terrorism will, as we all know destabilize region.
  • Centralizing power, from constitutive people will make us apsolute  minority. On the same token in Kosovo from the minority, they are given nationality.
  • So far, union of BH has shown that no democratic economy can prosper.
  • Present election as is and as it is controlled form outside, has show that no true representative of the people for the people is ever elected. This situation is placing people into position of absolute distrust with its so called leaders.

     From above points, which are in brief, we believe that you can see clearly that peace in this region will not last for long, peace which you and us desire and respect so much. Therefore, we believe that you will respect and recommend fulfillment of basic human rights of Serbian people, and its desire for self determination, which is tide to its freedom and liberty.

     We are informing you further of the fact that our organization “Serbian Peoples Movement – Choice is Ours” which is not associated with any government, have collected all ready over 40,000 (forty thousand) signatures. With this number of signature collected from citizens of Republika Srpska, in very short period of times, we have clearly indicated definite desire of Serbian people to leave union of BH. People have clearly understood that it can not and will not build its own future with antequated arabic sheriats law which is in place now here – but it has been banned in entire western civilization.

     If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our organization.

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